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Products designed to protect the skin and respiratory system from exposure to toxic substances and / or harmful impurities in the air. These products are divided into respiratory protection, skin protection and eye protection. Respiratory protection includes gas masks, respirators, cotton-gauze bandages. Protective suits are used to protect the skin from harmful sources.

Special glasses are referred to the means of protecting the organs of vision. The choice of means is made taking into account their purpose and characteristics (degrees of protection), as well as the specific conditions of contamination and the nature of the damage to the terrain.

The highest quality of products is the main rule in the work of the company. In production we use only the latest equipment. Highly qualified designers are working on modernizing sewing technologies, improving the protective properties of workwear and creating personal protective equipment of impeccable quality. We are proud of the quality of our products, so only we give a guarantee for the entire range of products.

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